JK Rowling to speak at Harvard commencement ceremony

It was announced today that our favorite author will deliver the keynote address at this year's Harvard University commencement ceremony on June 5th. University President Drew G. Faust was quoted as saying:

Perhaps no one in our time has done more than J. K. Rowling to inspire young people to experience the excitement and the sheer joy of reading. Her tales of Harry, Ron, and Hermione and their Hogwarts adventures have cast a spell on millions of readers around the world. Harvard isn’t exactly Hogwarts, but I’m sure that her visit with us this June will be a moment of magic for J.K. Rowling’s many admirers across the University.

If any of you lucky Harvard students out there are present at the ceremony, we welcome all reports from Jo's keynote sent in after the event! Thanks to everyone who e-mailed in with the tip.

UPDATE: Harvard student Jill has informed us that the school always posts video from their commencement ceremonies online, so we'll all have a chance to see Jo's speech!