MuggleCast #132: Betting Man

This week's episode of our Harry Potter podcast features refreshes of two of our older segments, and we take a look at Chapter 15 of Deathly Hallows. Plus:

– More evidence of Deathly Hallows being split and an imminent announcement.
– Micah is sad at the idea of no Fleur in HBP.
– Spielberg confirmed to not direct DH, and we make a DH Director Checklist.
– Was the walking-through-the-woods plot necessary?
– Why were Ginny, Neville, and Luna stealing the sword?
– The group discusses Ron's anger and if it was called for.
– Least Favorites: Least favorite movie.
– Make the Music Connection: Drawing parallels between DH scenes and real music.

All that and much more can be found on this week's episode! To download, we recommend subscribing for free through either Apple iTunes or the ZUNE Marketplace. You can also find full shownotes and alternate download links at the MuggleCast website. Enjoy!