Jim Dale to present at Portus 2008

We are very happy to break the news that Jim Dale, narrator of the US Potter books, will be presenting at HPEF's Portus 2008 this July! Portus representative Aziza Aba Butain talks about how excited they are to be hosting him:

“We've just confirmed that Jim Dale, the amazing “reader” of all the HP audio books for the US , Broadway icon and the narrator of ABC's new hit series “Pushing Daisies”, will be presenting at Portus in July. This will be Jim Dale's first HP conference. We're all very excited and honored to have a guest so involved with the series be apart of Portus's Programming. Mr. Dale is quite the dynamic, accomplished speaker and we can't wait for Portus to arrive.

Portus's monthly newsletter, The Portal, will be updating soon with the latest on Jim's programming. This will, undoubtedly, be a must-see conference for Harry Potter fans. We cannot wait to find out what Portus and Jim Dale have to offer!

If you're interested in attending Portus, you must register! Visit Portus2008.org for more information. Don't forget, MuggleCast will also be hosting a podcast at the conference as part of their Podcast Palooza. This is one conference that you definitely will not want to miss!