Roger Rapoport speaks to Chicago Tribune

It's been a couple weeks since we've updated you on the JK Rowling VS RDR court trial. The trial itself occurred from April 14th – 16th, and at this point we are just waiting for the judge's final decision on the copyright infringement claims by JKR/WB.

The Chicago Tribune recently spoke to RDR owner Roger Rapoport, who sheds some new light on their decision to turn the HP Lexicon into a book:

The publisher did not know of Vander Ark's Lexicon Web site until he saw a newspaper profile of the Webmaster last July. A month later, Vander Ark agreed to put together a print version with the help of three of the site's other editors. The plan was to print 10,000 copies.

“I couldn't understand why this book hadn't been published yet,” he said. After all, Rowling herself had endorsed the Web site in 2004, giving it an award as “a great site” which, while writing, she occasionally used to check facts from her earlier books. Little did Rapoport envision that, at the trial, Rowling would dismiss the manuscript of the printed Lexicon as “sloppy.”

For the full interview, click here! Thanks to Jonathan for the tip!