Waterstones thrilled about Prequel, pic of final line

UPDATE: There has been some confusion in the comments about shipping costs to the United States. Here is what Waterstones has told us:

Standard overseas surface mail is 7.98gbp for the first book and 2.99gbp for each additional book for USA, Australia, Japan etc. Europe is 4.98gbp and 99p per additional book again for surface mail. They only have to pay large amounts of money if they want it couriered (which would be 30 odd quid) – so hopefully that makes it less painful if you live outside the UK. And of course, reading it online or in a window will be free.

We have spoken with Waterstones this morning about JK Rowling's recently announced 800-word Potter prequel, and we hope to have answered more of your burning questions!

– As of today, Waterstones is now accepting preorders for the book at this link. The books will be a one off print run and limited to two per customer because of expected demand. They hope the book will be available in early August.

– Jo's story will be available for viewing online on June 11th. You'll also be able to view it in their store windows the same day (Waterstones is a UK bookstore chain).

– A representative tells us that the prequel was a “complete surprise”. They simply asked authors to tell a story and awaited their response. Their official press release, with a quote from Waterstones can be viewed here.

– Lastly, Waterstones has provided us with the final line on JK Rowling's story card. VIEW IT HERE! It reads: “From the prequel I am not working on – but that was fun!”

Please remember that, while all very exciting, the stories from all 13 authors are to benefit the English PEN and Dyslexia Action charities. Take a minute to look at each charity's purpose and how you can help!