Early peeks at Potter Prequel, story online in hours

EDIT: Sorry for the mistake. We were off by an hour. The story should appear online right here any moment now!

JK Rowling's Harry Potter Prequel is already starting to reveal itself in a couple of places. BBC's Lizo was at the charity auction and read a couple sentences of the story. You can watch that video at this link. Additionally, the AFP has a short summary of the story:

Her story is set three years before Harry Potter's birth, and features the youthful wizard's father, James, and series character Sirius Black.

The pair are confronted by two policemen after a high-speed motorcycle chase, and evade the authorities using their broomsticks and magic.

And finally, we now know that the story will be online at 6 AM London time, which is 1 AM EST/10 PM PST. We'll post a link here the moment it goes live!