Potter Prequel online tomorrow, bidding frenzy expected

A couple weeks ago we told you about JK Rowling's Harry Potter prequel that she wrote for charity. As noted previously, the prequel will be on display in Waterstones bookstores and their website tomorrow. We'll provide you with a link once it's live, so stay tuned!

The bidding for the prequel is happening today, and The Telegraph has an article about the expected frenzy that will ensue:

A year after the seventh and final Potter book was published, Rowling conjured up a new story to be auctioned for charity. It is sure to provoke a bidding frenzy – her last Potter-related tome written for charity, an illustrated book of fairytales called The Tales of Beedle the Bard, fetched almost £2 million in December last year.

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed with the tip!