Warner Brothers working on Potter MMORPG?

UPDATE: Warner Brother's head of video game PR tells us that this statement was never said by them, so treat this as a big rumor for now!

Recently, fan site Pottersphere inquired with Warner Brothers about creating a massively multiplayer online role playing game centered around Potter. The movie studio came back to them with this intriguing statement:

The notion of creating a Harry Potter massively multi-player role playing game (MMORPG) is something that we've been discussing at Warner Bros. At this current stage, we are investigating the possibility of creating our own MMORPG.

Some of you may remember that back in August 2005, we told you of a “Hogwarts Online” concept developed by New Pencil for EA Studios (the same company who has created all of the other Potter video games). We then learned that EA canceled the game “years” prior.

We'll let you know what Warner Brothers has to say. Thanks to Ali for the tip!