Eleven Days with the Harry Potter Alliance

In celebration of the ONE-year anniversary of the Deathly Hallows release, the Harry Potter Alliance has announced their new official podcast: Potterwatch! Also, in eleven days (on July 31) the HP Alliance will invite everyone to celebrate the ELEVEN-year anniversary of the Philosopher’s Stone release.

As Andrew writes on the HP Alliance website, one and eleven are significant ages for Harry: “when he turned one he was sent out of the Wizarding World and into the Muggle World. When he turned eleven he was invited back from the Muggle World and into the Wizarding World.”

In commemoration of July 21 to July 31 (ELEVEN DAYS), the Harry Potter Alliance has launched the first day of “ Eleven Days of Breaking Out of the Muggle Mindset!

Each day through July 31st, the HP Alliance will post “a simple exercise to help each of us tap into the magic of our creativity – away from the Muggle Minded world of Privet Drive and into the magic and mystery that Harry discovered at Hogwarts,” that participants can discuss in the HPA forums. Today’s activity is listening to the brand-new Harry Potter Alliance podcast Potterwatch, which gives further information on the Eleven Days project!