Harry Potter Alliance gets results at the United Nations

You may remember that back in late May, we told you about the Harry Potter Alliance's petition against genocide in Darfur. Thousands of people in the Wizard Rock and MuggleNet communities signed the petition, and just yesterday HPA leader Andrew Slack reported some amazing news!

Here’s what Nick Donovan, the Head of Campaigns, Policy, and Research at the UK-based Aegis Trust has to say:

“You all at the HP Alliance made it possible to send almost 10,000 emails to the UN Security Council, asking for the Council to speak out and put pressure on Khartoum to hand the men over. Without your imaginative campaigns over 3/4 of these emails would never have been sent.

“The end result is the first ever UNSC presidential statement condemning Sudan’s lack of action and demanding an end to impunity. Our actions helped, the pressure generated by other NGOs helped – and the grassroots emails sent by you all really made the difference – showing that it wasn’t just NGOs and members of the elite who care about Darfur – but people from all walks of life disgusted at impunity for mass murder and eager to see action.”

Great work, everyone! For more on what the Harry Potter Alliance stands for in today's world, click here.