New Harry Potter Alliance Pledge for Darfur

With the 2008 summer Olympics rapidly approaching, the Harry Potter Alliance has begun to promote the Switch Over to Darfur petition. Signers pledge that during the Olympics he or she will not watch the commercials, but instead tune into Mia Farrow’s reports from a Darfurian refugee camp.

The HP Alliance believes that “it’s inconsistent with the spirit of the Games for China to fund a genocide abroad while hosting the Olympics in Beijing.”

They are clear that they are not asking for a boycott of the Olympics, but that the pledge is “directed at the corporate sponsors of the Olympics, because of the influence they hold with the host country; if China will listen to anyone right now, it’s them.”

The companies in question – notably Coca-Cola, General Electric, and Volkswagen – have been asked time and again “to urge China to help bring peace to Darfur.” Their refusals have shown the companies’ inclinations to choosing what is easy over what is right.

With a recent success in waking up the UN Security Council with the Wanted for War Crimes petition, the HP Alliance acknowledges that it is time to wake up the Olympics’ corporate sponsors by honoring the “true spirit of the Olympics” and pledging to ignore the commercials. For more information visit the HP Alliance website!

They are looking for 5,000 signatures from Harry Potter fans – and we can surely surpass that goal! Please let all of your friends and family know about this pledge and don’t forget to sign it here.