Entertainment Weekly blogs about HBP push back

The popular entertainment magazine has just made a blog post about the Half-Blood Prince push back to July 17th, 2009.

In it, they revealed that not only will Potter be on the cover of this week's issue of the magazine, but not everyone at WB was in-the-loop about the decision:

EW and Warner Bros. share a parent company, but they clearly do not share, you know, important friggin’ information.

A Warners publicist stressed that word about the rescheduling had only just come down today—which is most likely true, given that the Half-Blood teaser trailer is already in circulation. As of tomorrow, it will run with the new animated Star Wars movie, almost certainly still trumpeting a fall release date.

We're hoping that the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly has a new picture from Half-Blood Price, since it will be featured on the cover. We'll show you what it looks like once we get it!