IMAX reschedules HBP release, to open in more theaters

If you were one of many people hoping to see Half-Blood Prince in IMAX on November 21st, the IMAX folks have some good news for you.

You'll still have to wait until July 17th, 2009 for the new general opening, but it will be available in close to 100 theaters as opposed to just the 40 planned for November:

On the bright side, he noted that when “Harry Potter” does open next summer, it will appear in close to 100 of its new digital theaters, as opposed to about 40 estimated to be in operation by November. “It's a better revenue opportunity for us at that point,” he said.

Richard Gelfond, the Co Chief Executive of IMAX, goes on to say that they only found out about the push back yesterday, and all of their other IMAX release plans for Summer '09 will stay unchanged.