WB responds (a bit) to HBP delay: “We Love Our Fans”

The LA Times has a new article up highlighting how upset fans are at Warner Brother's decision to push back the release of Half-Blood Prince to July 17th, 2009. They spoke with WB president Alan Horn (pictured left) about the matter, who tried to come up with more reasoning:

Warner currently is riding high with “The Dark Knight,” the Batman film that also stars Bale. The grim super-hero movie has taken in $452 million in the U.S. since its July 18 release, making it the second-highest grossing film ever.

To some degree, that success motivated Warner to shift “Half-Blood Prince,” Horn said. The film will now hit theaters the same midsummer weekend that “Dark Knight” was released this year. Horn said the young, core Potter audience would be out of school and give the film a longer theatrical life. It will now open opposite Universal's special-effects comedy “Land of the Lost,” which stars Will Ferrell. But Horn said there was nothing next year compared to this summer's especially dense slate of big-budget releases.

The article wrapped up with this quote from Horn: “We would never do anything to hurt one of the movies or the series. We love our fans.”