Chris Rankin talks Deathly Hallows

The actor who has played Percy Weasley in the Potter films recently attended Ring Con 2008 and spoke with a German Harry Potter fansite. One of the highlights of the interview for Potter fans was a little discussion about Deathly Hallows:

What scene [in Deathly Hallows] are you most looking forward to?

One of Percy's finest moments is walking back through that portrait into the Room of Requirement at the end of the seventh one when he finally comes back. I can't remember what he says, something like 'Did I miss anything?' (laughs). I just remember reading that in the book and going 'YES! Good boy!'. That would be fun. And then obviously getting to do a bit of action would be quite nice because Percy doesn't get the hardest job really. He just walks around a lot and shouts at people. They might actually give me a wand if I did the seventh film, that would be nice. I haven't had a wand yet!

Chris also reveals that he is not officially a part of the Deathly Hallows cast yet.