MuggleCast #159: Hanging Voldemort

It's not what you think. A brand-new episode of our Harry Potter podcast is now online, and this week we bring back the long-awaited Debate segment. In it, we ask ourselves: Should a portrait of Voldemort be hung in the halls of Hogwarts? A surprising question that you may naturally say no to, but a fun and intriguing debate for everyone! Plus:

– Was it right for WB to remove the Hogwarts battle in HBP just because there's one in DH?
– Does modeling a printing press suggest where the DH film split will be?
– Main Discussion: What happened directly AFTER the Battle of Hogwarts?
– We ask ourselves several questions that fans have been wondering since reading the epic battle.
– Guess the Scene, This Week in MuggleCast History, and Chicken Soup.

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