Demographic results from MOME election

As mentioned earlier in the week, Hermione Granger of the Wizocrat party won the Ministry of Magic election with 64% of the vote. Today, we have some demographic results of the election based on the information you the voters filled out.

Among the notables, 74% of those who voted were female. The largest percentage of voters were between the ages of 12-18 at 51%; 19-24 was the second highest bracket with 27%. Of all the locations, North America accounted for 83% of the vote with Europe next at 11%. In terms of party affiliation, every major part of the world voted at least 61% in favor of the Wizocrat candidate, with the exception of Antarctica. Those seals and penguins were the only ones who had a favorable majority for the Hogican candidate.

Thanks again to everyone who participated as just about 10,000 people voted in the final election!