HP Alliance: STANDfast 2008

Last year Harry Potter fans raised over $8,000 for civilian protection in Darfur through the Harry Potter Alliance and Standfast campaign. This year with your help we can raise even more money and help protect more civilians in Darfur.

The project works by participants giving up – or “fasting” from – one luxury item on December 3rd, and donating the money that they would have spent on this extra item to helping save and improve the lives of countless Darfuri in refugee camps.

STAND and the Genocide Intervention Network have worked tirelessly on a Civilian Protection Program on the ground in Darfur that will help families in the camps survive. Women there have to leave the safety of the camps to collect firewood so that they can feed their families, and are often attacked and raped by waiting militias. Their program ensures that as little as $3 can help one woman from having to leave the camps by funding firewood patrols and providing income-generating projects so that women can buy firewood instead of having to collect it.

The HPA is asking for your help to raise funds and organize events to raise awareness. Please join the Alliance and other organizations as we make a difference this December!