Beedle the Bard NOW AVAILABLE! – first general review

It's finally here! JK Rowling's The Tales of Beedle the Bard is now available in the United States and United Kingdom. Fans across the world have participated in midnight release parties (including ours) to celebrate the book.

Those of us in the UK right now have had a few hours to digest what we've just purchased for charity. The book is honestly a work of art – as precious as one of the original seven copies. The pages of the book feel so delicate, enclosed by a hardback cover with a soft texture. Each tale ends with a few pages of additional details from Albus Dumbledore, and JKR added a few (quite humorous) footnotes to each detail area so that we can understand some of the things Albus gets into.

What are YOUR thoughts on Beedle if you've gotten your hands on it? Leave 'em in the comments below! We're eager to see what the fandom thinks. MuggleCast will be recording a full review show in the next few days. If you want to participate, send an e-mail to mugglecast at staff dot mugglenet dot com with any questions or comments you have.

As Scholastic promised, a video of editor Arthur Levine reading his handwritten copy of the book can be found right here. Just scroll down to “Video Downloads” to see that and video of Wednesday's media unveiling at the New York Public Library!