MuggleNet now has a social network for HP fans!

We are SO proud to announce our newest, greatest, and latest time-wasting project is now complete: MuggleSpace!

Create your profile, meet new people, and discuss your love for the books with other crazy Potter people!

We've all had at least one moment where we declined to add more HP stuff (gasp) to our Myspace or Facebook profile for fear of scaring our non-HP friends. But now it is time to come out of our proverbial spider-infested cupboards and be, for the first time, as HP as we want to be!

P.S. You should all definitely add Andrew Sims as a friend and spam and stalk him like crazy. He likes it, I promise. We should totally make him the Tom of MuggleSpace.

UPDATE: Four hours into the opening, and already 1,400 members! We're thrilled to see everyone enjoying it.