James and Oliver Phelps talk HBP video game

SnitchSeeker has posted a new interview with the actors who play Fred and George Weasley, James and Oliver Phelps respectively. The interview is centered around the Half-Blood Prince video game for which the guys recorded their voices.

How does it feel now, having done the character and that's your voice, knowing that thousands of kids are playing the game?

James: You kind of forget that you've done them when you come to play it. Well, we did so many lines that you can't really remember what says what. It's kind of hard when you're playing other games like where you're in character it's kind of like having the perfect character of … in that aspect it's really cool.
Oliver: And it's quite fun as well when you're actually playing and you're running around as Harry Potter or Fred or George with a wand and see what they do. See what they say.
James: One of the reasons they record us in the booths doing that is because then when we do our actions then they can add the actions to the character speaking. And when they're doing that it's very real. It's very true to our being.