New look at Half-Blood Prince video game has a new look at the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince video game, which is expected to hit stores in mid-July:

This may all sound a bit like Cooking Mama: Voodoo Edition, but the thing that really makes potion-making fun is that fact that you're working under pressure, and the fact that things can go wrong. Overheat your concoction and smoke will fill the screen, forcing you to “waft” it away with the nunchuck; get too sloppy with your ingredients, and your desk will clearly display the messy results of your carelessness. Some of the most volatile chemicals you use require only one or two drops, and there's some genuine tension in cack-handed attempts to be delicate. The bottom line is that it's very satisfying to see the contents of your cauldron changing colour and fizzing in response to your actions.

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