Tom Felton talks Potter, music, and more

SnitchSeeker and Feltbeats recently interviewed the actor who plays Draco in the Potter films. In it, Tom discusses what he does on set in between takes:

FB: So, their next question is: “Have you ever brought your guitar onto the set of Harry Potter, and if so, have you ever jammed with any of the other actors?”

TF: Evvvvveryday. That's where I learned to play guitar! It's no secret that there can be quite a lot of time-waiting on the film set. I just took a guitar in… Actually, the first person who started showing me stuff was my driver. I had the same driver from the first film, a very nice guy called Jimmy Adams. He actually played the left-handed guitar, and obviously I'm right handed. But, it was a little bit tricky then to show me anything decent. Now, he showed me a couple of moves, and he's been a great resource. I just learned pretty much from there.

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