My engagement at the Chicago Bulls game!

First, I just want to say THANK YOU for all your congratulations and kind words of support! I echo your sentiments about how fast the past 10 years have gone. I'm 22 now – can you believe it? We're both graduating from Notre Dame in three weeks! As promised, here are some pics and videos from our engagement last week.

Here's what happened: I told Gaby I “pulled strings” and she was going to get to do a contest at center court during a time out at the Chicago Bulls/Philadelphia 76ers game. She was blindfolded, spun around, and told she had to “find” Benny the Bull in 30 seconds. The crowd cheered and booed to help her out as she blindly made her way around the court in front of 22,000 people.

But she didn't find Benny… !

Here are two videos:

Video one (2:24) – taken by one of our friends, up in the press box (I was able to get passes so our friends/family could watch!)

Video two (2:34) – from the scoreboard. High quality, but there's no sound for part of it so watch Video 1 first.

And a few pictures:

Gaby searching (Isn't she cute? …sorry.)
Almost there…