Original UK PoA sketches go on sale

The original preparatory Prisoner of Azkaban sketches drawn by artist Cliff Wright will be up for sale at the 14th annual Glasgow Art Fair. The first drawing featuring Harry and Hermione on Buckbeak the Hippogriff will be up for sale at £13,000. The second sketch features “The Grim – a dog-like omen of doom.” It will be put up for auction at about £11,000. These were used as the basis of the UK cover, which you can see the standalone image at his website.

Illustrator Cliff Wright said of his Hippogriff drawing: “The image is one of a series of 10 which were sent to the publisher Bloomsbury as rough ideas for character development and composition. The designs were also passed on to JK Rowling for her approval and any comments passed back to me. Thus, for example, the Hippogriff was based on a design that was sent through to me from Jo.”