Creators of Potter Musical speak to MuggleNet

Earlier this week, we told you about a group of talented actors who created their own Harry Potter Musical based on the plot of the entire series.

Since then, they've temporarily taken it down in order to make sure they're not breaking any rules in terms of legalities. They're also working on releasing a soundtrack – both will be back soon.

In the mean time, we've been in touch with one of its creators. University of Michigan Student Matt filled us in on his theater group, how they got the idea, and more:

How did your group come up with the idea to create a Potter musical?
We initially had the idea years ago when we read Goblet of Fire (possibly our favorite book in the series). We started getting a real strong hunch that Malfoy had a crush on Hermione. He's way too mean to her to not be hiding some secret feelings. Then we were joking around and made up an idea for a song called “I'm In Danger of Falling In Love… With Hermione Granger”. We kind of made up a scenario where Ron and Draco shared a duet at the Yule Ball, both of them realizing how much they love Hermione when they see how beautiful she looks in her gown. Then the idea for a musical developed from there. It was originally supposed to be just of Book 4, and it was called “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Music”. Then it just became a joke amongst our friends until after the seventh book came out and we decided to actually do it. Only now, since we knew how HP ends, we decided to do a show that kind of included the whole story. But the first act still remains mainly inspired by “Goblet of Fire”. So we always knew that Draco and Ron would sing a song at the Yule Ball (that song became “Granger Danger”) because it was the initial spark for the entire idea.