MSN UK interviews Dan, Emma, Rupert and Yates

MSN UK has released a transcript from interviews with Harry Potter actors Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, as well as director David Yates. A lot of the questions are old, but there's some new information. In it, they discuss Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, reflect on the film series and future projects, and much more!

When asked about looking back on the earlier movies, Dan expressed his discomfort at watching his earlier performances:

There's a certain amount of cringe in my own performance; so I don't look back on the early films. I probably should watch them and take the positives from the way my performances have improved and developed over the years but it's a little embarrassing to see yourself and hear yourself at that age. When I eventually do look back it will be very interesting.

Read the full Q&A transcript here.

Thanks to Snitch Seeker for the tip!