Harry Potter Alliance announces new campaign

Our friends at the Harry Potter Alliance have announced a new campaign titled “What Would Dumbledore Do” that asks you that question:

The HP Alliance would like to invite the entire Harry Potter fandom in a project to honor and stay loyal to the spirit of Albus Dumbledore in the
real world. This summer, after watching Dumbledore's death millions of
people will be exiting theaters having just heard Harry say that Dumbledore
will live on so long as there are those that are loyal to him.

In these dark and difficult times that our world currently faces, we need a visionary like Dumbledore to live on in each of our hearts as well as in the heart of our world. And so we are very excited to have you join us in presenting these millions of theater goers with a list of 100 ways that we can all be loyal to Dumbledore, both as individuals and as a society.

We have just begun writing that list together and we need your help! So please join our What Would Dumbledore campaign by going right here to learn more and then to our Common Room so that you can add your voice on what we can learn from the world's greatest Wizard.