J.K. Rowling is now a Twitter user!

The author of the Harry Potter books has an official Twitter account!

A visitor to our friends at Leaky reported the verified Twitter account and they confirmed with Jo’s reps that it’s legitimate.

Jo created the account to put an end to all the fake ones. She also wrote this first (and only) message:

I am told that people have been twittering on my behalf, so I thought a brief visit was in order just to prevent any more confusion! However, I should flag up now that although I could twitter endlessly, I’m afraid you won’t be hearing from me very often, as pen and paper is my priority at the moment

Pen and paper are Jo’s priorities at the moment? Hmmmm?! You can follow MuggleNet’s official account right here. To follow all the Potter stars from the films, simply click here and follow the easy instructions!