John Williams performs Potter scores at Hollywood Bowl

Legendary film composer John Williams, who Potter fans know for (among other classics) scoring Sorcerer's Stone through Prisoner of Azkaban, just completed two nights of “Music of the Movies” at The Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

MuggleCast co-host Matt and I attended Saturday night's show and we were treated to something Williams has never done before at these annual performances – he dedicated the first hour of the show to Potter films. The setlist: Hedwig's Theme (SS), Aunt Marge's Waltz (POA), Diagon Alley (SS), Knight Bus (PoA), Nimbus 2000 theme (SS), Fawkes the Phoenix (CoS), Window to the Past (POA), Chamber of Secrets (CoS), and Harry's Wondrous World (SS) – all performed by Williams and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Some songs included video montages from the films that were sync'd with the live music.

As an extra treat, legendary UK actress Lynn Redgrave sat beside John and introduced each Potter score. She connected one to another and ran through several facts that proved the success of the franchise. It was similar to a series of performances hosted in Boston last year.

With all this Potter goodness going on at the show, we can't help but wonder if this franchise is stuck on his mind. Rumors of his return have been swirling ever since an article quoted him as saying he believed “with confidence” (link goes to John Williams Fan Network) that he'd be back for the final film. Were these performances to get back into the Potter groove?