Happy 10th Birthday, MuggleNet!

Once upon a time, a 12-year-old kid was suffering from crushing boredom. He thought it would be fun to make a website. So he did. And at first, it completely sucked. Then he got really, really obsessed. He quickly found other obsessed fans — and you know the rest!

HarryPotter.com just wasn't giving us enough of what we wanted, so we took matters into our own hands: MuggleNet is a 10 year long project of collective success involving millions of passionate Harry Potter fans from every corner of the Earth. Every fan contributed in some way – whether it was posting news, submitting fan fics, or engaging in discussion on forums while we went delusional waiting for each book. WOW, has it been fun!

We'll be posting fun new features throughout the month looking back at the past 10 years, so stay tuned. Embarrassing baby photos of Andrew Sims are likely. T-shirts possible. Thank you, MuggleNetters, for your continued support!

How long have you been with us?