Reg Cattermole actor talks Deathly Hallows

Wales Online has a new interview with Steffan Rhodri, who will be playing Reg Cattermole, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Rhodri talks about how he has not read the books, but has seen a couple of the films with his kids.

“But although I've not read the books, I've read the whole sequence I'm involved in.”

He notes the difficulty of having to impersonate one character [Ron Weasley] while playing another [Reg].

Rhodri is filming most of his scenes with Sophie Thompson, who plays Mafalda Hopkirk, and David O'Hara, who plays Albert Runcorn. In the books, Hermione takes on the appearance of Hopkirk and Harry takes on the appearance of Runcorn. All three actors have spent time studying the mannerisms of Dan, Emma and Rupert in their respective roles.

The actors will be in studio for five weeks from December through February.

Thanks to Pablo for the tip!