Wizarding World of Harry Potter commercial airs on TV

We've received three reports now about a small television commercial for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park. It aired on NBC this morning during the Today Show. From MuggleNet reader Brooke:

It was simple with a black background with “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, opening Spring 2010 in Orlando, FL” in yellow Harry Potter font. The voice over basically just read the same thing and explained that it was a Harry Potter theme park. I thought it was really cool to see because I live in Lexington, KY – obviously no where near the park!

Sarah M. wrote in to say that towards the end actress Emma Watson talks about how great the park will be and the commercial wraps with Hedwig flying over Hogsmeade and stopping at Hogwarts castle.

On a related note, Universal has passed along this new video they put together which includes all of the announcements we learned about in September relating to the Wizarding World. No new content, but it's a fun refresher!