MuggleSpace celebrates its 1st birthday!

I received this e-mail the other day from Johanna which pretty much sums it all up:

Hi MuggleCast! I just wanted to thank you for creating MuggleSpace. I met three other Swedes there, and we decided to meet for real. So we did. And it was awesome! If you hadn't created MuggleSpace, I wouldn't have met them at all. MuggleSpace is a great place to meet people that you have a lot in commmon with, so thank you!

It has been a fantastic year of social networking on MuggleSpace, and we hope it continues for years to come! Thank you to each and every member (now totaling close to 25,000) who has contributed to MuggleSpace simply by signing up and meeting new Potter-loving friends.

The success of MuggleSpace wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the hard working staff who maintain the social network and keep it fresh. Huge thank-yous go out to Luke the Referee, Madam Rosmerta, Luff 'puff, Duchess Bex Evans, Allie/Magical Sea Star of Hotness, Lucas, Ashlee, Queen/Empress Alexandra, Royal Peasant Christalina, Kelsey, Adri, Mikey, Fatima, Heidi, and Emmielovegood. You're an amazing team!