IGN previews LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 with article, trailer, and release date

Video game website IGN has posted a new trailer and written preview for LEGO: Harry Potter Years 1 – 4.

IGN states that the game will be released sometime in May. This, despite news several months ago that it would see a March release.

View the new trailer right here. From the preview:

Making the most of your magic is what this game is all about. Harry can lift things with Leviosa (there's a mini-game where you pick up, spin, and hurl gnomes all over the Weasely lawn) and freeze baddies with an immobilize spell (key to getting by the pixies in Hogwarts). These charms (and a whole bunch more) will always be with Harry after he's learned them. That is, rather than have to find a special suit or something in a level to get past a section a la Batman, Harry has all of his spells with him. You come to something that needs to be levitated, bring up your spell wheel with the click of a button, choose Levisoa, and aim at your target with the scar icon on the screen. It seems like it'll be a breeze, and eventually, you'll have the power to run around turning other kids into frogs and rats.

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