Wizarding World of Harry Potter to see late-March opening?

Ever since learning in September that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park would be opening in Spring 2010, the big question has been: “When will it open EXACTLY?”

We were the first to report on Univeral's GradBash page suggesting that the Wizarding World would open no later than Apri, and now there is a possible earlier timeframe to reveal.

MuggleNet reader Bryan has pointed us to Univeral Orlando's park hours page, which lists the park being open until 10 PM the last six nights of March. What's interesting is that the park was open no later than 6 – 8 PM on those same dates in 2009.

Theme parks stay open late if they expect big crowds, and what else would draw a big crowd in late-March?

Of course, this is all speculation so keep it in the rumor category for now. Very interesting at the least!