Wizarding World theme park forecast: sunny and warm with a 100% chance of snowfall

Universal Studio's Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park continues to be built in Orlando, and new details about snowfall within the park have been posted on a snow effect company's website.

We originally heard in April that Universal teamed up with a company called Snowmasters to create some effects. Now, we know of the specific company Snowmasters outsourced this project to and a couple more specifics:

We have experience in designing snow effects for major theme parks projects. Which included design conceptualize effects for their specific applications considering aesthetics, technical feasibility, proper machine placement, movement, snow flake size configuration selection and budget.

A few sentences later…

We advise as to the best use and staging of the snow effects with responsibilities for snowfall concept mock-up design, sound stage testing, Coefficient of Friction Test for Harry Potter's the Dark Arts Classroom.

A few more sentences later…

We are Snowmasters outsource vendor to head-up this project and been working as the effect master on this project for over a year. We be installing the custom snow machines December 2009. The Attraction Opens Spring 2010. Zigmont Magic FX and Snowmasters Studio are the leading innovators of realistic Evaporating Snow snowfall.

While the writing is bad, here's what we gather: there will be fake snow falling in the park. It will be able to evaporate on its own. They also refer to ” Coefficient of Friction Test for Harry Potter's the Dark Arts Classroom” – these tests were conducted as recently as March 2008 specifically for the Wizarding World (titled “Project Strongarm” in documents) to determine how slippery a floor would be with evaporating snowfall landing on it.

Thanks to Pat for the tip!