Universal speaks to Central Florida vacation home managers, reveals new Wizarding World park details

EDIT: Universal has let us know that the comment about an alcoholic version of butterbeer is not accurate. There will NOT be any alcoholic butterbeer served in the park.

A new report from The Ledger reveals interesting details today concerning some Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park features.

The new information came from a meeting with Universal Orlando's sales coordinator who met with a Central Florida Vacation Property Managers. Quotes which reveal the good stuff:

The largest ride will be Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

“You'll go on this great journey specifically designed for this part of the park,” Holt said. “It's ground-breaking, state of the art technology that will even surpass the Spiderman ride. If you've been on Spiderman, you know that's pretty big.”

The theme park will host the Three Broomsticks restaurant and the Hog's Head Pub, where Holt said guests can buy “very old liquor, and we'll have animated hog's heads on the wall that will interact with you while you drink your old beer. The Butter Beer is going to be non-alcholic. However, you can go into the Hog's Head Pub and ask for the alcoholic version.”

There will be shops as well, like Honeydukes, a candy store that will sell, among other things, chocolate frogs and Treacle Fudge. Dervish & Banges is a toy store that will sell, not surprisingly, broomsticks among the many selections.

“Ninety-five percent of them are completely unique products,” Holt said. “You will not be able to buy them anywhere else.”

There's a Frog Choir that will perform five times day, Holt said, adding, “This is very top secret, so you're the first one's to hear about it.”