Five years later, The Wyrd Sisters and Warner Brothers reach settlement

UPDATE: It is being reported out of Manitoba that the band has lost the $40 million lawsuit.

There's an update today concerning a story that dates way back to 2005. Prior to the release of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the Canadian band The Wyrd Sisters attempted to stop the film from playing in Canada because their band name was used in the film.

The case has now been settled – but details have not been disclosed:

A $40-million lawsuit launched by The Wyrd Sisters, a little-known Winnipeg folk group, has been settled out of court, representatives for both sides confirmed to The Canadian Press. However, the settlement is subject to a confidentiality clause that prevents either side from revealing what, if any, money has changed hands.

You can read a timeline of events concerning this case right here. We're still glad Canada got to see Goblet of Fire after all!