Every episode of MuggleCast now includes a transcript

The MuggleCast transcript section has received a lot of work over the last several months and that is thanks to the hard work of many people. We are finally caught up (Episode 194 was posted today)! Transcripts of the latest episode will not be released until the next show is produced.

So we wanted to take the time to offer many thanks to our great transcribers and editors: Cam, Shannon, Eric, Julie, Lakshmi, Laura B, Mariam, Melissa, Tracey, Aldrin, Anna, Arialle, Asheton, Ashley, Bryan, David, Deven, Dilara, Elise, Emily, Emily, Grace, Heather, Heidi, Josh, Katherine, Kelsey, Kevin Kristina, Lacey, Laura, Laura, Lucas, Maritza, Olivia, PJ, Rachel, Rachel, Rebekah, Sarah, Shana, Shaun, Shelby, Stephanie, Tara, Thomas, Victoria, and Vincent!

Everyone appreciates your hard work!

And for those of you wondering: we'll be recording MuggleCast Episode 196 this week.