Deathly Hallows reshoots occur with trio walking through grass, holding Slytherin’s locket

The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows cast and crew have clearly had a busy week. Just a few days ago they were filming the Epilogue at Kings Cross in London. Now we’re seeing that on May 28th the cast were filming what appear to be reshoots in a large grassy field.

The photos, listed below, depict Harry, Ron, and Hermione walking as Ron gives Harry Salazar Slytherin’s locket. We also see the trio drinking water (what seems to be for a scene):

Hermione holds Ron’s sling
Hermione yells after Harry
Dan gets a makeup touch up
Harry, Hermione, and Ron talk
Harry walks
Harry puts on Salazar’s locket
Ron gives Salazar’s locket to Harry
Harry looks left
Harry puts on Salazar’s locket – 2
Harry takes a sip of water
Hermione gives Harry water
Long shot of Ron, Hermione, and Harry
Director David Yates talks to the trio
Ron gives Harry Salazar’s locket – 2
Hermione runs after Harry

Thanks to DH Movie Pics.