Welcome to the all-new MuggleNet.com!

It was a week ago today when we first test-ran this new MuggleNet, and after taking your feedback and ironing out our load issues we’re ready to bring it live again!

MuggleNet 2.0 is a complete site revamp from top to bottom.  It features a new design and new features that we hope you enjoy.

When we test launched last week one concern many of you had was that MuggleNet lost its dark feel.  While we believe that MuggleNet 2.0 by default still holds that dark feel, we’ve listened to your feedback and added a link titled “Change Background” to the right side of this page under ‘Follow Us”.  By clicking that link you can switch between a dark or light design.  We are interested in your feedback concerning the darker style and will continue to tweak it over the coming days.  We want to appease everyone so we’ll be happy to continue making adjustments!

For a full list of features, please click here!  If you spot any bugs, please send them in to bugs@staff.mugglenet.com.

A big thank you goes to MuggleNet Chat admin Richard, who has of late become more of our server admin and has completely saved us multiple times.  He’s a coding genius who streamlined this new site so it loads as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Not to mention he fixed every single bug the site threw at him.  And he loves Bruce Springsteen, so him and I quickly became good friends while finishing this.

Again, we hope you enjoy the new design!