Entertainment Weekly visits Wizarding World, reveals pricing details

There’s a new review of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park online today thanks to Entertainment Weekly. In it, they talk about some of the prices you can expect to find throughout the park:

After passing the Hogwarts Express, guests should prepare to drop more than a few Galleons on Potterphernalia in the commercial area of Hogsmeade – from $15 for the Sneakoscopes at Zonko’s joke shop, to $300 for the Firebolt broomstick at Dervish and Banges magic shop. Thanks to close supervision by the Potter films’ design team, everything looks and feels precisely right, down to the absurdly high shelves and cramped, English-style layouts. In other words, expect some tight crowds.

Do you plan on picking up some new Potter merchandise when you visit the park?