MuggleNet Adventure travel accommodations, prices, and other updates

We have a few updates today concerning MuggleNet Adventures – our special travel packages to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park in association with Dolphin World of Travel.

For starters, we have acquired additional accommodations and we are also working with a few resorts in the area for larger groups of people (six or more).  So if you think there aren’t any hotels still available, think again!

Additionally, prices are still decent but they may go up as the Grand Opening date approaches.  We encourage everyone to make their travel plans as soon as possible.

If anyone does need to book as of today but you don’t have all the money required, Dolphin World of Travel may be able to take a deposit (this is required by the hotel).  However, the final payment will have to be in by June 5th.

To book your trip to Universal Orlando and the Wizarding World, visit the MuggleNet Adventure page on the Dolphin World of Travel website.

On a side note, we know many who have already made plans are hoping for a MuggleNet meetup around the Grand Opening.  We will try to make this happen!