Welcome to the all-new MuggleNet.com!

You are currently viewing a test of MuggleNet 2.0. Please note that this is not the final version.

MuggleNet has been serving the Harry Potter community for ten years, and today we are launching the biggest update to the site since it was born in the Fall of 1999.

Welcome to the all-new MuggleNet.com.  This redesign brings MuggleNet into the Web 2.0 world and sets us up for the next ten years of the site’s existence. 

1) The Design.  As you can clearly see, the site has been refreshed from top to bottom.  We have several new banners that you can choose from on the right side of the page (The Trio, LEGO Harry Potter, The Wizarding World, Draco/Snape, Harry/Dumbledore, Hermione/Slughorn).  We’ve moved our navigation to the top of the site so our exhaustive content is prominently featured.

2) The  Features.  Look around this page and you’ll see several new things.  Here on the news posts we have social media buttons that help you share MuggleNet news stories with your friends.  On the right side of this page we have a few new boxes: Did You Know, Flashback, Trivia, Most Commented, and Big Commentors.

Did You Know – every time you refresh the page you’ll see a new fact about the Potter fandom.

Flashback – every time you refresh the page you’ll see a major event that occurred in the Potter fandom.

Trivia – our flagship new feature, Trivia will offer five Trivia questions a day.  For each correctly answered question you will receive one point.  On Fridays, each correctly answered question will give you two points.

User profiles – your existing MuggleNet account works on the new site.  Once you login to post a comment or answer trivia you’ll be able to view and edit your new user profile.  Your profile allows for a photo of yourself as well as a bio.

MNTV – MuggleNet TV is your home for the latest Harry Potter videos.  New trailers, coverage from the Wizarding World theme park, live episodes of MuggleCast, and more will all appear in the MNTV box.  Currently it features the Potter Puppet Pals because.. well.. they’re adorable.

– Most Commented, Big News, and Top Commentors.  Most Commented will show you the most commented stories over the past 30 days.  It’s a great way to see what’s been ‘hot’ in Potter lately.  Big News is an expansion of a feature we had in MuggleNet 1.0 – these are stories that the MuggleNet Editors deem ‘Big News’.  Big News posts will display differently on the home page.  Finally, Top Commentors displays our most loyal visitors; those who contribute to MuggleNet through the news comments pages.

Over the next few months, look forward to additions as well as revamped existing content.

We hope you enjoy all the new site!  Feel free to leave feedback in the comments.  If you spot any bugs, please do e-mail them to bugs@staff.mugglenet.com.  Thanks so much for your support!