Rupert Grint Brings Ice Cream Truck to “Deathly Hallows” Set for Last Day of Filming

We reported yesterday that the cast and crew had finished filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  We found out thanks to actor Warwick Davis, who plays Flitwick and Griphook.

Today, Davis took to Twitter again to reveal some other cool information about the final day on set: Rupert Grint brought his ice cream truck for the cast and crew to enjoy.  You can see it parked on set at this link.

Davis said, For the last day on ‘HP’, Rupert ‘Mr Whippy’ Grint arrived in his ice cream van & served up 99s for cast & crew. It brought a smile to everyones face on what was a very emotional day. It was a thrill to see a teaser for ‘Deathly Hallows’ too. :)”

We wonder what teaser Warwick is referring to.  Our guess is either the MTV Movie Awards montage or the new trailer we expect will arrive in theaters later this month.


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