Theme Park expert: Forbidden Journey ‘nothing like you’ve experienced before’

A nice spoiler-free review of the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey attraction at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park is now online thanks to, who had mixed reactions:

Unfortunately, the ride portion itself, while quite spectacular, does suffer from some flaws that are not present elsewhere in the Wizarding World. A stronger story carrying from beginning to end would have really pulled the entire ride together in a perfect package. As is, those without any prior Potter knowledge will still have fun, but may leave the ride puzzled as to what exactly they just saw.

But I must emphasize again that what Universal Orlando has created with this attraction is truly like nothing you have experienced before. The magic of Harry Potter’s Wizarding World has been completely embodied by this attraction and, even with its flaws, it is still a jaw-dropping journey that no one should miss.

Read the entire spoiler-free review at this link. When we get to ride it in a couple weeks we’ll be sure to give you a full review and let you know if we agree with Inside The Magic!