Wizarding World wait times continue to be lengthy as park approaches one month anniversary

On July 18th the Wizarding World will reach its one month anniversary since its public Grand Opening.

So, how are the wait times holding up?  Unsurprisingly, the park is still packed with fans who want to experience the park for the first time.  We decided to ask our friend Terri – who visited the park the other day – what the wait times were like for her this past Monday.

She found:

– 15 to 20 minute wait to enter Honeydukes and Zonkos shops

– 1 to 2 hour wait to ride Forbidden Journey

– 2 to 3 hour wait to enter Ollivanders Wand Shop

– 1 hour to get into The Three Broomsticks

There was up to a 1 hour wait to simply enter the park this morning (Wednesday).  If you have any other wait times you’d like to contribute, please leave them in the comments section of this post!