Entertainment Weekly to publish Deathly Hallows set report tomorrow, cover featuring Harry revealed

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly – hitting newsstands tomorrow – will feature a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows set report.

EW published a preview article this morning which includes a look at the cover.  It features Harry holding his wand.  See it right here!  Here’s a bit from the set report:

The three of them were shooting a scene in the Room of Requirement in which Harry, Ron, and Hermione are searching for a horcrux – in this case, the tiara-like Ravenclaw diadem. Watson and Grint were both sopping wet. (In the film, Ron and Hermione have recently destroyed another horcrux in water and were pursued by a Voldemort-shaped tsunami.) Grint and Watson were kept soaked by crew members, who sprayed the pair down every few minutes. It was not making Watson happy. “It’s been this way for weeks,” she said, shivering next to a space heater. “I hate to sound whiny, but it’s horrible. It’s miserable being wet all the time.” She shrugged and added flatly: “But, you know, I was told it will look very dramatic when you see the films, so it will be worth it.”

If anyone gets the magazine, please do e-mail scans of the article to andrew at staff dot mugglenet dot com. Thanks to Pablo for the tip!