Japanese Harry Potter event screens new Deathly Hallows footage (updated)

UPDATE: Well, sorry to have gotten everyone excited, but it looks like the following description is actually 100% fake.  The representative who attended the event for us has confirmed that this did not appear.  There was no trailer at all.  We apologize for the misinformation!  Check out the below description anyway if you’re the type who likes to dream:

It looks like a boat load of new Deathly Hallows footage ran in a 2 minute, 30 second trailer during the big Japan Harry Potter event we told you about the other day.  Below is a sample of the trailer description found on Harry Potter forum:

There were more quick flashes of the battle, Lupin and Tonks fighting, Castle wall blowing up, A Harry falling off a broom, Giants attacking, McGonagall throwing a spell at snape, a pissed Voldemort at Malfoy manor.

“I have been listening to that Radio for months just to hear if my family is alright” Ron yeld, “What? you think I havent, I know how it feels!’ “No, you do not know how it feels!, Your parents are dead! you have no family!” Ron and Harry then lunged at each other.

More quick shots of Harry falling into the Lake screaming for help, Caf’e attack, Hagrid carrying Harrys body crying.

Dobby saying as he pointed at Bellatrix “You will not harm Harry Potter” (Like he did in COS), Bella threw the knife.

Harry sitting on a wall, said that he has to die, then got up, next shot was Voldemort screaming “AVADA KADAVRA!” and the Logo appeared. There was then a large cheer from the audience!

Read the full trailer description at this link!  At this time, we don’t know if this trailer will be released online.  Don’t get your hopes up – we’ve yet to see the lengthy featurette that appeared at Comic Con a few weeks ago.